Explosive 3D Action… Literally.


Landmine Larry is an action packed 3D Platformer developed by Furion Studios, focused on an unforgiving environment where your role is to keep Larry out of harms way.  If you are looking for a different kind of challenge, Landmine Larry is it!  Check out our store on Steam.


What the heck is Landmine Larry?

The Enchanted Forest has been overrun with an obscene amount of Landmines (and other explosives). Larry must clear (or avoid) landmines scattered throughout; While dodging traps, monsters and other surprises. Get Larry to the goal to clear the level… While trying to keep your keyboard in one piece.

Landmine Larry is Furion Studios first release, which will be available for purchase on Steam December 16th 2016!

Check out Landmine Larry’s Trailer