‘Tis the season for many to go rushing to the store (…to line up for hours) for new toys and gadgets …and snagging the best possible deal!  So what better time to post an update to Landmine Larry!

The current stable build of Landmine Larry is at 10 completed levels of the 20 that will be hit for the Early Access release on Steam. The last few days have been cleaning up a few hindering bugs, nothing earth shattering but wanted to have the code all cleaned up before finalizing the last 20 levels.  (A big thanks to our testers for finding some problematic bugs, I appreciate it guys.)

Whats Left to accomplish before Early Access Release? Just cleaning up and finalizing the last 10 levels…. And thats about it!

It’s crunch time now until the release date of December 16th, 2016. Its one of those things which always holds true once you think you’re done, more things pop up… and again… and again.  I’m looking forward to people playing Landmine Larry and hopefully getting a good challenge out of it.

It’ll be a nice addition to your holiday game lineup!