Welcome to Furion Studios!

This site has been finally put up to post the final development progress on our debut game Landmine Larry!  I’ve merged over some past (kinda old posts) into Furion’s site. Landmine Larry is a 3D action platformer which will be available for PC on the Steam platform.  Landmine Larry was Greenlit on Steam last month, and nearing its completion and expected release of December 16th, 2016.  Landmine Larry has been a journey since its initial build back in January of 2016 when it was just called “Hardcore Minesweeper” (yeah I know, terrible name).

This is blog post is kind of a Hello, World of sorts…Yes the site is not 100%, but we’ll get it there in the coming days. There will be an official Landmine Larry page with more details of the game coming soon.  Right now all of my time is laser focused on getting Larry right and ready for release and updating everyone on whats going on with it!

I’ll be uploading progress notes on this site up until launch, and we hope to see you then!


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