Landmine Larry is a 3D Platformer in development, soon to be released on Steam Greenlight.  Landmine Larry was created with the vision of a New Years talk with my Brother over different game ideas that would just be ‘different’.  Larry was born; Originally thinking of just doing a very, very different spin on a classic minesweeper game.  But, we have a different sense of humor about things. One day I just changed the entire dynamic of the game for just a laugh.  I added a whimsical world element, and cutesy animal that’s only task is to clear landmines in the forest while dodging explosive and trap elements.  The dynamic just fit well, and Larry was born.

The point of the game is quite simple, get to the end of the level and clear as many mines as you can in the process.  There is still a bit of debugging to accomplish of whats currently “finished”, Its just gotta play right.  I’m looking forward to adding some different weapon/power-up elements, AI and obstacles to the game.

I’ll be posting an update to the status of the game weekly, and some YouTube videos of its progress.  Enjoy this snippet below for now 🙂

Stay Tuned.  This is not yet available to vote on Steam Greenlight yet, It will be posted very shortly.